Kape Series: Silvestro's Bistro

Note: This is the first of a series of posts (which hopefully, I'd follow through) on food review with special attention to coffee. Bear in mind though that I'm not a coffee expert and I'd prefer frappe over a steaming cup of brewed coffee any day.  Opinions are mine alone, and I still suggest you try it yourself for first-hand experience.

February 3, 2011 (Chinese New Year) was actually visit number 3 (or 4?) to Silvestro's Bistro, yet this is my first time to blog about it.


I like the feel of the interior of Silvestro's Bistro. The ambiance is classy and relaxing -- not crowded, not noisy, not busy (at least during the first three times of visit). You can actually enjoy your food here without having to be pressured by the next occupants standing behind you. :D However, it's in Pala-o, and I'm all the way from the other side of the city. So that means commuting takes a little effort for the car-less me. Boohoo. But the travel time and fare is actually worth it. ^___^


Price range is competitive and food items are not really overpriced. As they say, you always get what you pay for. You have to pay a little extra to if you want a little extra. 

Customer Service:

Their personnel are well-trained -- they looked neat, attentive, and accommodating. However, there were a few times that none of them is visible. A little busy with other stuffs, perhaps? And oh, they don't have service water because apparently, tap water is unsafe to drink. I just hope they used purified water for my coffee and food. 


Now, the fun part: FOOOOOOOD! Well, I enjoyed the food, not just because it was past 2:00 p.m. and I haven't had lunch that day, but the food was really good. It looks good, smells good, tastes good. The portion size was okay too. The SMB Beer Buddy I ordered may actually be good for two persons (though I actually consumed everything. Haha!). The food was served hot, which was good, though preparation time took a little more than expected. And mind you, the waiting time is crucial if you are dying of hunger. 


So now we go to the (supposedly) highlight of this post: Coffee!

I ordered Cookie Crunch because it was first on the menu under signature concoctions (or something). Price was P110 (I think), which is okay considering the bistro is a specialty shop. It was described in the menu as coffee topped with cream, cookies, and chocolate syrup. When it was served, it was certainly appealing to the eyes.  It was cold, and it looked super yummy and mouth-watering. But then, well, I find it too sugary sweet for my taste. It somehow reminded me of shakes sold in stalls at the mall where powders are used. Imagine Orbitz, Zagu, and the likes. Chocolatey sweet would have been much better. And there was only a subtle fleeting taste of the coffee. Kung sa bisaya pa, "kulang ug ispiritu." :D  

But well, I enjoyed the experience nonetheless, as shown in Exhibit 1-G below. 


Silvestro's Bistro is located at The Strip Complex Palao, Iligan City.  Photos used in this post are taken by me and Xy-Za, and the layout was made by Xy-Za through scrapblog.com.

*originally posted at iL♥VEtte.

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  1. wai ispiritu bow!...

    Though I'm not a coffee expert but I know when a real coffee is served. There was no coffee aroma at all, I should say.

    Just add black sago and it's definitely orbitz. lols.. I should have ordered orbitz instead. hmm... it's my opinion anyway, try it guys for a first hand experience. :)

  2. Very comprehensive review you've got here...

    I wish we could have more restaurants here in Cagayan. I'm also into reviewing restaurants but there are few choices...

  3. @p. cook: Thanks for dropping by. It's actually my first time to do a resto/cafe review. I'm glad you find it comprehensive.

    By the way, I followed your blog. ;)

  4. Lovette? Haha.. aw! its the first time I've read a blog of yours with negative review. tugsshh! daog!

  5. @Anonymous (February 16, 2011 8:05 PM): Negative bah? Positive man. 3/5 ang lowest, mostly 4's. More than pasado... hehe.. :D
    I guess it's your first time to read a post na may rating because it's actually my first time to post a (semi)-serious restaurant review... hehehe...