Hi! I'm Jam. Welcome to my travel blog!

Why is it called Travel Jams?

My name is Jam, and I blog about my travels. Pretty straightforward.

About Me

Short Version
I'm a freelance social media manager.
I'm one of the founders of Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc.
I have three blogs: Travel Jams (travel blog), Lovette Jam (personal / lifestyle / portfolio blog), and Kikay Nails (nail art blog).
Random Fact: I daydream a lot.

Long Version
If you know me personally, and you're wondering how in the world I (became / am / call myself) a travel blogger, that makes at least two of us in this world.

In all honesty, I could perhaps very well be the epitome of what a traveler should NOT be. Here's why:

  1. My inner obsessive-compulsive self almost always demands that I bring extra everything -- shirt, shorts, shoes, slippers, undies, towels, and sometimes, bag! It's almost always a struggle to travel light.  
  2. I often act on impulse. I'm one who obsessively and compulsively researches and plans, and then most of the time not follow it. Weird, I know.
  3. My to-do lists in various shapes and sizes.
  4. I am unforgivably clumsy. I lost count on the number of times I tripped and fell. Even walking on a flat surface, wearing flat shoes, I trip. In almost all my travels, I almost always have scars to accompany the memories. I just convince myself that every scar tells a different story, just like every destination has its own essence. 
    Down on all fours fives -- hands, feet, bum.
  5. I travel, walk, hike, trek, or do whatever with improper gear and apparel. It's always comfort over style over function for me.
    What NOT to wear when trekking
  6. I don't really talk to strangers. 
  7. And I'm shy! Really. 
  8. I easily get edgy, jumpy, and fidgety. I guess I just consume way too much coffee?      
  9. Too much coffee, maybe?
  10. I can't swim to save my life. Sadly so. 
  11. I'm terribly scared of heights. Even the view from the rooftop of a three-story building could get me a little nauseous. True story. 
  12. All smiles but scared out of my wits.
  13. I fear for my life every time I cross the street. Ahh yes. There's that. *places palms on face* 

BUT despite all of that, the passion and itch to travel is much stronger than all of those fears combined. The drive to see the world and experience what it has to offer pushes me to just give it a go, no matter what. The joy of proving myself wrong each time I inexplicably fear for something, is beyond description.