The Iligan Paradise Resort Experience

Last Sunday, our family had a little tour around Iligan City. It started with a quick stop at NPC Nature Park after hearing mass at St. Michael's Cathedral, then a trip to Iligan Paradise Resort in Buru-un, and ended with night swimming in El Lauriento Swimming Pools (Timoga).

The highlight of the trip was our first visit to Iligan Paradise Resort located just above Mimbalot Falls.

The resort is truly an escape from the hustle and bustle of routinary city life.  It offers fun-filled adventures and relaxation while you enjoy one of the best views in the city.  There are areas that are still being developed, but there are many activities you and your friends and families can enjoy.  Here are some of them:

The resort offers zipline rides with multiple options. You can ride solo or in pairs, in either harness or superman type.  Having tried the single harness in Midway, Initao a few summers back, we opted to try the superman zipline.  We observed a pair riding in superman, and it doesn’t look "supermanly" at all when riding in pair, so we opted to ride singly. More than the adrenaline rush offered by the ride, you get to enjoy a wonderful aerial view of Mimbalot Falls while ziplining.  I must say it's an awesome experience.

Rate:  P110 per person for harness zip; P130 per person for superman zip

Cable Car Ride                       
We did not try this as we found the zipline more interesting and challenging.  In a cable car ride, you just relax and sit comfortably while enjoying the aerial view of the falls as you move from one point to another.  You can ride solo, in pair, or in groups of three to four.

Note:  Photo not mine. Grabbed from Iligan Paradise Resot fan page.

Rate: P110 per person

Bungee Trampoline

This is not the regular free-fall bungee jump. With bungee trampoline, you put on a harness, which is hooked to a number of bungee ropes.  These ropes are attached to poles, reaching about 15 feet above the trampoline platform. If only we could jump like this in real life, jump shots would be a whole lot more fun, wouldn't it? ^__^

     Rate:  P120 per person for a 3-minute adrenaline rush

ATV Rental
All-terrain vehicles (ATV) or quad, quad bike or four wheeler are also available for rental. You can roam around the area in these cool rides.

Rate:  P200 for 30 minutes

Swimming and Kayaking
They have natural pools just above Mimbalot Falls where you can enjoy swimming and kayaking.  (I don't have pictures of this. Boohoo.)  Anyways, they have one kiddie pool and one large adult pool, where you can also kayak in.

Rate:  The pools are free to use for swimming. For one-hour kayaking, rate is P‎110 for the 1-seater, P120 for the 2-seater, P130 for the 3-seater. 

If you're not into these types of activities (or if you have back and neck problems, heart ailments, or you are an expectant mother), well you can still enjoy the views, inhale the fresh air, and just sit (or lie) and relax in their cottages.  It's quite sad they don't have cabins for overnight stay yet, but I guess they're working on it. 

Note:  Photo not mine. Grabbed from Iligan Paradise Resot fan page.
Rate:  P250 (leftmost in the photo) and P150 (regular)

Iligan Paradise Resort is truly worth a visit. So here's how to get there:

Ride a public utility jeepney (Buru-un line) and stop at Talipapa, Buru-un. Then you ride a motorcycle (habal-habal). Just tell the driver to take you to Iligan Paradise Resort. Their sign is hard to miss. Fare is P20.  

Entrance Fee:
Adult:  P25
Kids:   P15

Business Hours:
Mon - Sun 8:0 am-5:00 pm

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  1. I never thought I could experience bungee trampoline!

    It was really painfully amazing...!!! because I was not ready...I never knew it could hurt like that...with all the muscle pains and body pains hahaha but in the end, its all worth it..a nothing compared experienced!

  2. Haha! good thing you did, lex! it's a one-of-a-kind experience that will be forever imprinted in your memory! ;)