My Home, My Love, My Iligan

I was born and raised in Iligan, a city north of the province of Lanao del Norte. Though my parents are not native Iliganons, I’ve lived a huge chunk of my life here. I tell you, this place is so wonderful that to introduce you to the marvel that is Iligan City in a single blog post would be a mere impossibility. So perhaps I’ll just put in bits and pieces of my hometown based on three F's we examine in tourist destinations – food, friends, and fun. 

Fact: Iliganons love good food. This is exactly why there’s a bunch of really good restaurants and cafes around the city. There’s Gazpachos, Sunburst, Chrisven, Tita Fannie’s, Tatay’s Grill, Jacko’s, Bar-B-Q Inn; and then there’s Zoey Café, Peek 'n Berry, Aruma, Coffee Works and many, many, many more. (Note: That's just a quick list off the top of my head.)

Anyways, while we’re on the subject of food, let’s talk about Philippine’s National Dish – good ol’ lechon! Last year, the first ever Indigay sa Iligan Lechon was held. It is a competition for the yummiest lechon in the city. This implies one thing:  Our lechon is of superb quality! The skin is glistening, crunchy, and flavorful; and the tender meat is sufficiently blessed with spices and taste. Lechon is a gastronomic delight in and of itself, but there’s an even better way of enjoying it – with Suka Pinakurat of course. It’s a vinegar with chilies and other spices blended to perfection. It's distributed worldwide, making it a perfect "pasalubong" in addition to the equally famous Cheding’s Peanuts. I think Toasted Peanuts is the most popular variety, but I strongly recommend you try their Sugar Coated and Banana Crispy Hot Peanuts.

Iligan may not have towering skyscrapers, but we do have the warmest welcoming people here. More importantly, Iligan is home to people of rich and diverse culture. Contrary to the belief that Iligan is a war-torn land, the Lumads, Christians, and Muslims here live a generally peaceful life. Do try immersing yourself with the culture, it's interesting.

Well there’s definitely a lot that you could do here in Iligan. Firstly, as a “City of Majestic Waterfalls,” we have more than 20 waterfalls. How awesome is that? Topping the list is of course Maria Cristina and Tinago Falls; then there’s Mimbalut, Dodiongan, and Limunsudan Falls, among others. Do visit Timoga Swimming Pool Complex too. It has flowing cold refreshing water. And if you’re into trekking and mountaineering, Mt. Agad-Agad is a must-see. 

If you ask me for the best time to visit, try last week of September, just in time for the fiesta celebration, where lots and lots of activities are stored for you.

Trust me, there’s so much more to Iligan than this single blog post. The rest is for you to explore.

From Manila/Cebu via CdeO City 

Daily Flights of any airline 

(Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, etc) to Lumbia Airport, CdeO. Take a taxi from the airport to Bulua Terminal, CdeO. Iligan City is a 2-hour bus ride from Bulua Terminal to Iligan Bus Terminal. Or about 1 1/2 to 2-hour ride by taxi/ private vehicle from the airport to Iligan.

Boat Schedule

Negros Navigation:
Manila-CDO, Departs every Monday at 12:00nn and arrives Wednesday at 8:00am
Cebu-CDO, everyday

Cebu-CDO, everyday

Superferries/Cebu Ferries:
Manila-CDO, Departs Manila every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
Cebu-CDO, Departs Cebu every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

From Manila/Cebu to Iligan City

Boat Schedule 

Negros Navigation:
Manila-Iligan via Tagbilaran, departs every Wednesday at 9:00pm and arrives Friday at 1:00pm

Cokaliong Shipping Lines: 
Cebu-Iligan via Ozamis City, Departs Cebu every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Superferries/Cebu Ferries:
Cebu-Iligan, Departs Cebu every Monday and Wednesday
Manila-Iligan via Iloilo/Bacolod, Departs Manila every Monday and Thursday

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