A Stranger to My Own Land

I am a self-confessed stranger to my own land.  I haven't been around my city as much as I should have. There are countless places in Iligan City that I haven't been to.  There are a number of pieces of paradise here that I haven't had the chance to visit yet. If you are a my friend from another city, then perhaps I have invited you here to have a tour, but with a warning:  We need to hire a driver and/or tour guide. ^__^

You see, I can't drive and I have close-to-zero sense of direction. Thus my solo exploration of the city I have lived a majority of my life in is limited to the mall and boutiques, must-try restaurants and cafes, and where to buy good ol' Cheding's Peanuts and Suka Pinakurat.

Well yes, I have been to some tourist spots like Tinago Falls, Ma. Cristina Falls, and Timoga Spring Falls among others, but I swear if you ask me that question of how to get there... well, ummmm... I must admit I seriously don't know, or maybe if I have the slightest of an idea, I can't be 100% sure because of my terribly faulty sense of direction.

Anyways, with the recent birth of this blog, I am now taking the extra effort to at least find out how to get  to a destination outside Poblacion (or city proper) without having to rely to a private car. Well baby steps. Tiny. Baby. Steps. ^___^

So I hope you'll enjoy this even half as much as I do.

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