Tourism Triangle: NPC Nature’s Park (Treetop Tour Zipline Experience)

I have always had mixed emotions when it comes to ziplines.  Part of me is excited; part of me is scared.  Most of the time though, that scared part outweighs the excitement.  (Boo!) But this time, most Iligan Bloggers Society members I was with for the Tourism Triangle Tour will try it. Call it peer pressure, but I just got to brave the heights and try it. I just have to.  And boy, was I glad I did! ^__^
IBS, all set to "fly by wire"
Truly, one of the highlights of the NPC Nature's Park visit was the Treetop Tour Zipline.  It's a must-try for visitors, considering of course you're not pregnant and you don't have heart ailments or back and neck problems.  The treetop adventure actually includes four (4) rides, with two crossing over the river with incredible current.

Safety Features
If you’re as scared of heights as I am (or should I say *coughs* I WAS… hahaha!) here are some things that may help you let go of your fears:

  1. This zipline features safety equipment including a dual-pulley/dual-cable system, which can support more than ten times the average weight.  
  2. Harnesses used are from Petzl, the leading manufacturer of leading supplier of zipline safety equipment throughout the world. 
  3. The launching or landing platforms are sturdy and spacious.  The platforms also have guard rails, which help reduce the potential for someone to accidentally step off or trip and fall off the platform.  Guides also make sure that the participants are securely attached to the rails and wires while waiting for their turn to zip.
  4. Highly trained guides accompany each group down the course.  They are mountaineers with extensive experience in rappelling, zip-lining, and rock climbing, among others.  They also provide riders instruction on how to land at the landing platform.
  5. There are traffic lights in the platforms, signaling the guides on the landing platform that they are ready to receive you.
  6. Most importantly, they conduct weekly maintenance checks of the cable wires and equipment.  They do this every Tuesday, which reminds me, if you intend to try the zipline, do NOT go on Tuesdays.
  7. Safety features

The kiosk/office for the treetop tour zipline is hard to miss.  It's right across the parking area near the waterfalls area. Do note that they require using appropriate footwear (closed shoes).  If you’re wearing slippers or sandals, worry not.  They have shoes you can use for a fee of Php 50 only.

The riders will be asked to register their names and weights.  A waiver will also be signed.  Make sure you read it carefully and understand before signing. :) 

Before starting with the adventure, riders will have to wear the required safety gear, including helmet, harness, backup lanyards, and gloves.  If you rented the shoes, the gloves come for free.  

The Experience
The excitement of the Treetop Tour began even before the first zip -- as we ascended the steps to the first platform, which took about 5 to 10 minutes.  Before the first zipline platform, there is a shed for resting a bit. And then it was all downhill from there (literally!). 

We zipped from tree platform to tree platform through tall trees and across the river with strong current in full view of the majestic Maria Cristina Falls. The tree platforms are sturdy, offering plenty of room to contemplate on the seriousness of our fear of heights and brace ourselves for the next exciting zip!
How serious is your acrophobia?
Cable 1
The first zip can be done in pairs or in three’s.  The speed was controlled and really slow-moving, with some pauses.  You can just take this opportunity to enjoy the view from the top and of course smile for the camera. 

Just don't get your imagination go wild when you're suspended in mid-air looking down to the concrete road below. (^__~)

Cable 2
The next zip, like the succeeding zip rides, is done solo, with a great view of the majestic waterfalls.  From up there, cars and people down look like miniature toys. 

Cable 3

The third zip is amazing! It will take you across the river.  To your side you will see the powerful Maria Cristina Falls and looking down, you'll see the incredible rush of water. 

Cable 4
Moving from the landing platform of zip number 3 to the takeoff platform of zip number 4 was a bit challenging for me.  Unlike the previous stations where there is a single platform per tree, at this point of the adventure, you have to move down through a ladder.  It was scary for an accident-prone person like me who often slips. Good thing the guides were there to patiently "guide" me - where to hold and where to step. =)

The final zip was again over the raging waters, in full view of the grandiose waterfalls.  At this point, the fear of heights were reduced and everyone opted to jump from the platform.  Richard even zipped upside down, just like the guides ahead of us did.

So to the NPC Nature's Park Zipline crew, a million thanks to you for accommodating us. We definitely, absolutely, infinitely enjoyed flying by wire. You are awesome! ;)

  •      Like with any other adventure rides, take usual precautions.  Do not try if you are pregnant, have heart ailments, or have back and neck problems.
  •      Listen and follow the guides’ instructions.  Before jumping, make sure that the green light on the other side is on, which indicates that the people there are ready to receive you.
  •     Do NOT hold the cable wires as you zip.  Hold the lanyards connecting the harness to the cable only. 
  •      When approaching the landing platform, flex your legs and lean back to avoid hurting yourself.
  •       Wear comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear.
  •       Enjoy the view and savor the adrenaline rush!
       How To Get There
  •        Public Utility Jeepney (PUJ):  From the city proper, take jeepney bound for Buru-un and drop off at Maria Cristina Entrance, right after the bridge.  The walk to the entrance gate takes about 5 to 10 minutes.  From there, you can ride the NPC shuttle car to take you around the park.       Fare:
    •       City proper to Maria Cristina Entrance: Php 11
    •        NPC Shuttle Car:  Php 10
  •       Taxi:  Rate as agreed by passenger and driver. Fare:  ~Php 100-150
  •       Private Car

Entrance Fees (NPC Nature's Park)
Adults: Php 30
Students and Senior Citizen:  Php 20

Service Fees
Zipline:  Php 200
Shoe Rental:  Php 50
Gloves Rental:  Php 10 (free for those who rented the shoes)

Park Hours:
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.
Zipline close for maintenance every Tuesday.  

   Note:  Since Maria Cristina's water is being harnessed for electric power, full grandeur viewing of the waterfalls is on weekends at 11:00 in the morning.

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      Photo Credits: Ma'am Binky and Sir Pat. More photos HERE.

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