Pampam Falls Adventure: A Spontaneous Lakad*

It took just a single status message from Pinay Travelista asking where everyone was one boring Saturday.  An hour or so later, Lai, Alex, Lot2 and I were all set to go waterfalling.  It was gloomy and actually started to rain, but you know how hard it is to stop a bunch of people itching to go places. ^__^

Lai is actually working on a waterfalls series, hoping to visit and blog about all 23 waterfalls of Iligan.  Being the kaladkarin supportive friends that we are, we happily tag along and end up doing a waterfalls series for ourselves as well.  Haha!

Brgy. Dalipuga actually nestles three waterfalls:  Pampam Falls, Dalipuga Falls, and Kalubihon Falls.  We were able to see only Pampam Falls due to time constraints, which is clearly one of the downsides of spontaneous and unplanned trips.  We left city proper at 2:00 p.m., and Alex and I needed to be back to attend our 6:00 p.m. class.  [Note to self:  Next time, plan ahead. Go earlier. Explore more.]

Pampam Falls.  This beautiful waterfalls in Brgy. Dalipuga is located approximately 13 km from the city.  It takes about 20 minutes of trekking to reach this place from Kalubihon Elementary School.  The trail was fairly easy with only a few steep but manageable portions.  We just needed the help of two local kids to guide us to the falls, and we're all set to conquer Pampam Falls!

The accessibility of this waterfalls makes it a favorite weekend destination for picnics with families and friends.  It definitely is not uncommon to find teenagers enjoying the cool waters during weekends.  Pinay Travelista and I also tested out the waters, and we surely loved it! Just look at that ear-to-ear smiles pasted on our faces! =p

A few meters below Pampam Falls is this cascade.  I can't find the name listed in the Iligan City official website yet, but I'll surely update this post as soon as I find it. :)

There are two more waterfalls we could have visited (Dalipuga Falls and Kalubihon Falls) on that same day, but it was starting to rain so we just had to go home.  Had we come earlier, we could have possibly conquered the three in a single day. We're certainly heading back... and tag along more Iligan Bloggers Society members!

  • To maximize the Waterfalls Adventures in Brgy. Dalipuga, go there earlier.  Pass by Dalipuga Falls before heading to Pampam Falls (and that tiny falls we don't know the name yet). Then move to Kalubihon Falls.
  • Ask a local to take you to the waterfalls. It's easy to get lost in the area by missing a turn.
  • Bring enough food and water if you intend to stay longer.  Don't forget to bring some for your guides as well. Just make sure not to leave your trash there.
  • Bring your camera.
  • Enjoy the company of the people you are with. Take the opportunity to bond. Share some laughs and sing songs. It will make the journey a whole lot lighter.
  • Don't push yourself too hard. Rest and water up if you must. 
  • Above all, savor the fresh air; revel in the scenery; enjoy the experience. Smile.

How to Get There:
  • City Proper to Kalubihon: Ride a Kalubihon-bound jeepney. Ask to be dropped off at Kalubihon Elementary School.  This is the cheapest option.  However, there are only a few PUJs with Kalubihon route.  Waiting time may be longer and may be uncomfortable. Fare:  Php 18

           City Proper to Dalipuga:  Ride a PUJ bound for Dalipuga. Tell the driver to drop you off at
           Kalubihon   Crossing.  Fare: Php 15
          Then Dalipuga to Kalubihon:  Ride a habal-habal (motorcycle) to Kalubihon Elementary School.
          Fare: Php 10
  • Private Vehicle:  Head to Kalubihon Elementary School. 
  • Taxi ( fare as agreed by passenger and driver) 

Trek Time: ~20-30 minutes. Trail Difficulty Level:  Easy.  The trek is easy with only a few steep portion.

And oh, I spent my 18th birthday here...
Eight years ago.  (^__^)

lakad. (noun) trip, journey, travel; (verb) to walk, to leave on a trip, to set out for.

Photo Credit:  Some photos grabbed from Pinay Travelista

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  1. Ang ganda naman, sa Iligan ba to? Ilang hours travel from Manila?

  2. Hello! Sa Iligan City nga po. :) Around 1.5 hours by plane Manila-Cagayan de Oro, then 1.5 to 2 hours CDO to Iligan. More details sa bottom part ng ;)

    Hope to see you soon here! ^^

  3. Wow... I just remembered the trekking we did 10 yrs ago doing the statistical terrain mapping of waterfalls here in iligan city. I visited, i guess, 7 of them, and saw 2 others. I would love to trek them again.

  4. Hi Mae! Tara! Let's go waterfalling! Let's cover all 23 waterfalls of Iligan City... hihihi... ^^

  5. Sure... Limme know when is the next get-away...

  6. Wow ang ganda naman dito. I wanna visit this place. ♥

  7. @ninin: feel free to shoot me a message if you have time to visit this place. sama ako! wanna do the dalipuga-pampam-kalubihon falls in a day. ;)

  8. tama! kahit mn pagod sa pag lalakad eh! nawawala na mn din pag naka ponta kana.

    at katolad ko hinding hindi ko rin yon makakalimotan nang pomonta kami sa pampam fulls

  9. kaya ngalang napakalamig ngalan sobra parang naliligo ka sa yelo

  10. @christine: oo nga. worth it ang pagod. :)