Tourism Triangle: Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco Park

The fourth leg of the Iligan City Tourism Triangle Tour last August 7 was the Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco Park in Brgy. Buru-un.   It was actually my second visit to the resort, the first being with my family.  But the excitement was not lost despite being a second-timer.  I was oh-so-eager to finally try the rides I wasn't able to enjoy during the previous visit.  The last time, I tried superman zipline and bungee trampoline.  This time, I'm trying the cable car ride and harness-type zip line! Woot!

But before getting overly excited to go and try out all of the adventure rides there, do take time to read this waiver. It's so large and hard to miss. ;)

Don't get too scared with the last line. Just focus on the first two.  Safety is clearly always a priority for them.  Read on for details of the safety features of the rides.


Rate:  P110 per person for harness zip; P130 per person for superman zip

As mentioned in a previous post, the resort offers zipline rides with multiple options. You can ride solo or in pair, in either harness or superman type.  I have previously tried the superman solo, and now I had the chance to try harness, double. Awesome!

Zipline Safety Features
Iligan Paradise Resort's zipline equipment boasts the following safety features:
  1. The zipline features a dual-pulley/dual-cable systemeach line having a safety capacity of 1.2 tons (or 1200 kilos or ~2400 pounds). Having two (2) cables gives a safety factor of 2.4 tons (or 2400 kilos or ~4800 pounds). That's about four times the peak weight of Jon Minnoch, the record holder for the heaviest man in the world, which was approximately 1400 lb (634 kg).
  2.  The harnesses and the locks used are from Petzl and Black Diamond, the leading supplier of zipline safety equipment throughout the world.  These are top-of-the-line American brands.
  3. The launching platforms are made of metal, are sturdy and spacious.  
  4. Highly trained staff, who are also trained in case of emergencies, facilitate the activity.   
  5. They conduct maintenance checks of the cable wires and equipment twice a week.  They make sure that the cables have no breaks or strands that are out of place.  Every now and then, they see that the cable wires are dry and wiped with grease to protect the little strands from breaking. 
  6. Lastly, they have this huge sign of reminders for riders' safety:


Rate: P110 per person 
Right after trying out the zipline, we immediately headed off to experience the cable car ride.  It was actually my first time to try it. I initially thought it was one boring ride because it lacks the adrenaline rush ziplines offer.  It was just a slow-moving ride crossing between two gorges. But boy was I wrong! It was really designed to move slowly so you get to marvel at the awesomeness of Mimbalot Falls and take lots and lots and lots and lots of photos.

The cable car can take two to three people per trip. It was a bit noisy because of the generator used for the ride, but I guess the noise won't matter for long, as you'd simply drown in the beauty of Mimbalot Falls and you'd be too busy taking pictures.

Cable Car Safety Features
  1. The cable car is supported by 4 lines, each carrying the safety capacity of 1.2 tons (1200 kilos or ~2400 pounds.  The four (4) cables thus give a safety factor of 4.8 tons (or 4800 kilos or ~9600 pounds). 
  2. Highly trained staff, who are also trained in case of emergencies, facilitate the activity.   
  3. They conduct maintenance checks of the cable wires and equipment twice a week.  They make sure that the cables have no breaks or strands that are out of place.  Every now and then, they see to it that the cable wires are dry and wiped with grease to protect the little strands from breaking.


Rate:  P120 per person for 3 minutes

This is not the regular free-fall bungee jump. With bungee trampoline, the jumper puts on a harness, which is connected by special elastics to the structure reaching about 15 feet above the trampoline platform. The elastics increase the height and velocity of the jump while stabilizing the jump. 

Bungee Trampoline Safety Features
  1. Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco Park use original and most trusted equipment, ensuring safety of adventure-seekers.
  2. The elastic bands are color-coded, with each color corresponding to a specific weight.  The ride operator checks the weight of the person so he can identify the number and colors of ropes needed.  
  3. Excessive stretching of the elastic bands would eventually lead to breakage. However, considering that not all ropes will break at the same time, there is really no need to worry.  Also, as an added safety measure, an allowance for the weight of each person is provided.
  4. The rubber ropes are only brought out of the shelf if there are customers. They do not expose the rubber ropes to moisture, and that is the reason why they do not operate the trampoline bungee if there is rainfall. This is to protect the rubber ropes and prolong its life.  
  5. Their staff are trained to offer acrobatic instruction to all participants. This factor maximizes the experience of participants and allows them to quickly build confidence and perform moves they thought would not be possible.
  6. The comfortable harness system were also provided to the jumper as another safety measure.
  7. The equipment is regularly checked for maintenance.


Rate: Php 60 per child for the whole day

They also have a playground for kids in the resort.  And there's also a zipline ride for kids, the Indiana Jones. IBS wouldn't miss this chance to get in touch with the little child residing within ourselves.

ATV Rental

Rate:  P200 for 30 minutes

All-terrain vehicles (ATV) or quad, quad bike or four wheeler are also available for rental. You can roam around the area in these cool rides.


Rate:  The pools are free to use for swimming. For one-hour kayaking, rate is P‎100 for the 1-seater, P110 for the 2-seater, P120 for the 3-seater.

They have natural pools just above Mimbalot Falls where you can enjoy swimming and kayaking.   They have one kiddie pool and one large adult pool, where you can also kayak in.  An Olympic-size pool will also open on the 25th of September! 

These activities will have to wait until next visit. ^___^

Photo Credit: Pinay Travelista


If for whatever reason you are unable to enjoy the rides, well you can still enjoy the views, inhale the fresh air, and just sit (or lie) and relax in their cottages.  I hope they'll have cabins for overnight stay very soon. 

Note:  Photo not mine. Grabbed from Iligan Paradise Resot fan page.
Rate:  P250 (leftmost in the photo) and P150 (regular)

Iligan Paradise Resort is truly an escape from the hustle and bustle of routinary city life.  It offers fun-filled adventures and relaxation while you enjoy one of the best views in the city 

A million thanks to the manager, Mr. Jopet Gerona, for the warm welcome and showing us around. We truly had fun. 

  •      Like with any other adventure rides, take usual precautions.  Do not try if you are pregnant, have heart ailments, or have back and neck problems.
  •      Listen to and follow the guides’ instructions.  
  •      For ziplines, do NOT hold the cable wires as you zip.  Hold the lanyards connecting the harness to the cable only. 
  •       Wear comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear.
  •       Enjoy the view and savor the adrenaline rush!

       How To Get There
  •      Public Utility Jeepney (PUJ):  From the city proper, take jeepney bound for Buru-un and drop off at Talipapa Market.  (Map: HERE) Fare: Php 20
         Take a habal-habal (motorcycle) and tell the driver you're heading for  Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco Park.  Fare: Php 25-30)
  •       Taxi:  Rate as agreed by passenger and driver. 
  •       Private Car

Entrance Fees 
Adults: Php 25
Kids:  Php 15

Service Fees
    Zipline (harness):   Php110
    Zipline (superman):   
Php 130
    Cable car:   Php 110
    ATV Rental:    Php 200/30 minutes
    Euro bungee:   Php 120/3mins
    Kayak single:     Php 100/hour
    Kayak double:   Php 110/hour
    Kayak 3seater:   Php120/hour
    Horse back riding:   Php 50/30 minutes
    Indiana Jones and playground:   Php 60/kid for the whole day

Business Hours:
Mon - Sun 8:00 am-5:00 pm

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Photo Credits:
Adventures in Life | Explore Iligan | Pinay Travelista | Simply Francis | The Iligan Inquisitor

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  1. Namiss ko tuloy ang zipline...:(
    Hope Ma try korin ang sa Paradise Resort...
    Thanks sa Pag Share...

  2. you're welcome, tripper! thanks din for dropping by... ;)

    punta ka rito sa Iligan. try mo ang sa paradise resort and yung sa ma. cristina na rin... ^^

  3. Sige, sige... try ko kapag napadpad kami dyan sa iligan...
    Salamat po..:)

  4. i miss the place hope i could visit the place soon.

  5. @Tripper10: Sure. Feel free to buzz me. I, together with the rest of Iligan Bloggers Society, would be happy to tour you around. ;)

    @Anonymous October 6, 2011 7:42 PM: You should. There had been a lot of improvements worth exploring and enjoying. :)

  6. Question: Wla po ba kayong promo this summer? like RIDE ALL YOU CAN?thanks..

    1. Hi Norolyn! I'm not connected with Iligan Paradise Resort. Please visit their Facebook fanpage for updates on promos, etc. :)