Bread Factory's Chocolate Bun

When passing by a bakery, we often experience the aroma of freshly baked bread.  It is that enticing smell which tempts you to buy some even if you're not really hungry. Well at least that's true for an impulsive buyer (and eater?) like me.

The Bread Factory in Davao City is a recent addition to my favorite bakeshops.  It has a homey feel despite being located in a mall.  It is actually NCCC's (New City Commercial Corporation) specialty shop offering breads and pastries.  I particularly like walking inside bakeries with self-service areas allowing customers to choose from a variety of scrumptious breads on display.  The Bread Factory offers this kind of experience. :)

What really caught my eye in Bread Factory is their chocolate bun, a kind of sweet bread that is dome-shaped with a flat bottom.  It reminded me of Roti Mum's coffee buns, which was delicious but pricey. I was intrigued by Bread Factory's version of this treat because it was sold at only P20 each. 

The bread did not disappoint.  It was freshly baked, warm, and smelled heavenly.  The surface was crispy and grainy and yes, chocolate-y.  When your teeth hits the core, the awesome burst of flavor comes.  It was soft, and sweet, which compliments its surface.  And inside the bun holds a pleasant surprise too.  So worth the P20!

When you're in Davao City, do give it a try. :)

Bread Factory
Address: NCCC Main, R. Magsaysay Ave., Davao City
Telephone No: (6382) 227-1083 local 207, 305-8746

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