Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011: Behind the Scenes

I have previously written in my other blog about the crazy busy weeks of preparing for the much-awaited event hosted by Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc, the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011.  This ate much of our time and has been a convenient excuse one of the reasons why this blog would appear to be neglected.  

The preparation was as stressful (if not more) as expected.  Imagine the pressures of hosting one major event while currently experiencing the strains of early birth pains by a new organization.  It was both scary and difficult. But lo and behold, IBS, Inc. had bravely struggled and weathered the problems. (Naks naman!) Congratulations to the team for successfully hosting Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011!

Hosting an event is not an easy feat.  It entails a lot of meetings and a whole lot of work.  After detailed planning, IBS Core Group decided to use the theme “One Green Mindanao: Mobilizing Bloggers to Promote Sustainable Lifestyle.”  It was the goal of the group for the summit to not only be a venue to converge bloggers from all over the Philippines, but also provide a forum to discuss issues on environment and to help formulate a better Mindanao through the promotion and the adaptation of a sustainable lifestyle.

This was followed with more work -- from searching for sponsors, deciding on the venue, conceptualizing activities, inviting resource speakers, finalizing the program, and updating the event website.   There were tons of to-do lists and there were numerous checklists to ensure that the participants and guests will have a memorable experience in Iligan City. 

We have prepared for a 2-day event packed with activities -- day 1 for the summit proper and fellowship dinner and day 2 for the city tour and the Private Pre-Halloween Concert of David DiMuzio. Exciting, eh?

In all this cooking up stage, the day before the event was the best.  It was when all is coming into place, and the plans are slowly becoming a reality.

The stage was set, and the tables were dressed in green adorned with beautiful bonsai courtesy of Mr. Jojo Dulay of Iligan-Lanao Bonsai Society.

The summit kits and ID's were prepared.

The certificates and beautiful Darangen Dolls (which I sooooo wanted to keep for myself) were ready. 

The AirPhil photobooth was also set up and of course, we had numerous test shots! =p

But it can never be all work, right? We managed to inject some fun while doing all these last-minute preparations. We had a pizza and bread break courtesy of Fleire and Lai.  Thank you for the thoughtfulness, super girls! :)

So it all turned out good! We are now receiving a lot of thank you's and congratulations. So I guess we did well.  We definitely won't rest on our laurels, but we deserve some pats on our backs.  :)

P.S. Big big thank you and virtual hugs to Alvin and Fritz for helping us out! I can't find photos of you working with us yet, but do know that we appreciate the helping hands and feet. :D

Photo Credits:  Fleire | Alingatong | IBS, Inc.

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