Road Trip: Pasalubong Stopovers | Davao City - Iligan City (PART 1 of 3)

Whenever we travel, souvenir stopovers are always part of the itinerary.  We shop for pasalubong* for our friends and family.  This is perhaps one of the most widely practiced Filipino traditions. It is customary to bring souvenir items from a recent trip.

Here are some souvenir ideas you can pass by on road trip from Davao City back to Iligan City. I did my best to document pasalubong stopovers and a few pictorial stopovers in between.

Davao-Iligan City map | Travel Jams
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Stopover 1:  CALINAN

Calinan is approximately 26 km from Davao City proper.  It is said to be the fruit capital of Davao City, known for its durian and bananas.

Pasalubong Ideas:  Durian and Pomelo

Tip:  If you're traveling in an air-conditioned vehicle, bring an airtight container with you (or a cooler), newspaper, and packaging tape. Have the durian opened by the vendor, and place the durian flesh in a plastic bag before putting it in the container.  Seal with packaging tape. Cover with layers of newspaper. ^_~


Seagull Mountain Resort is located in Marilog, along Buda (Bukidnon-Davao) Road.  It is a perfect spot for a quick coffee break, a bladder break, and maybe some picture taking.  They also have yummy muffins for sale.

And while you're here, you might as well take the chance to take beautiful overlooking landscape photos.  At an elevation of 4000 feet, the view is unquestionably awesome.  You can also help some of the kids here who sell souvenir items.

UPDATE (10/31/2013):  Must-Try: If you're in for a quick break, you must try their specialty, suman at tsokolate. Suman is glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk and often steamed wrapped in banana leaves, and tsokolate or sikwate is hot chocolate.

suman at tsokolate

Pasalubong Ideas:  Muffins from Seagull Coffee Shop (P35 each) and souvenir bracelets (P10 each)

Stopover 3:  ARAKAN

Arakan is actually part of Cotabato.  If you know someone who is into plants and gardening, along the highways of Arakan, you can find flowers and other plants available for sale.  Sometimes, strawberry jams are also sold here.

Pasalubong Ideas:  Plants and strawberry jam

Stopover 4:  KITAOTAO

Kitatao is in the southern part of Bukidnon.  Along the highway, there's an animal health quarantine in Lorega, Kitaotao for vehicles coming from Davao City.  You can have a bladder break in their pay toilet here, and there are also a lot of souvenir items to choose from. ^__^

Pasalubong Ideas:  Bracelets, wallets, baskets, cowboy hats, plants, etc.

Part 2 here:

*Pasalubong is a homecoming gift or souvenir brought for someone brought by a traveler returning from a trip.  The word is a Tagalog term derived from the root word "salubong" which means "(to) welcome" or "to meet."  The prefix "pa-" is roughly equivalent to the English suffix "-er". Thus, the word "pasalubong" can be roughly translated as "something meant for you when you welcome me back." [src]

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