What happened?

lovettejam | traveljams confusedI KNOW! No need to rub it in.  This blog has been been under serious state of dormancy. It has been in coma, in hiatus, or maybe even a short period of death.  Imagine a quarter of a year has passed since the last update.  And before that, it took two months before I braved clicking the elusive Publish button only to join PTB Blog Carnival when I became a member in February of this year.  

What happened?

Writer's block could be easily blamed, but I'm not really a writer.  And even if by definition, blogger = writer, the number of draft posts I have on queue will crumble the claim of writer's block.  I have had lots of stories to share, but clicking Publish just didn't feel right.

Sendong could be an easy answer as well. But no. Even before that fateful day happened and my family focused on reviving Jacko's Kan-Anan and everyone at IBS, Inc. drowned in relief operations, I admittedly have backlogs already, including the long overdue second part of Road Trip Pasalubong Stopover and the follow-up story of actually joining Blogfest 2.0.  Well, on second thought, Sendong could have contributed a bit to the lack of posts.  It didn't feel right to publish happy stories or scenic pictures when the rest of the city is mourning.

Seriously. What really happened?

Well, I don't know. Somehow, I got lost in a pile of to-do lists.  I might have bitten much more than I could ever chew, and the blogs just had to take the backseat.  In the battle of moments of relaxation versus updating blogs during not-so-busy days, "doing nothing and merely concentrating on breathing" wins hands down -- every freaking time -- to the tune of Bruno Mars' "Today, I don't feel like doing anything..."  Sanity is much more  valuable these days, you know. :p

But having been crazy busy with school and work and other stuff does not mean I have ceased to enjoy life.   The un-updated travel blog does not mean my life has been put to a halt too.  Here's just a quick summary of what had transpired over the past half year*:

  • 11/19/11:  Road Trip to Davao with family
  • 11/25-29/11:  Gensan - Davao - Bukidnon with IBS
  • 1/14/12: CDO (food) trip with IBS 
  • 1/22/23:  Midway White Beach Resort (Initao) for strategic planning
  • 4/4-6/12:  Visita Iglesia (Misamis - Bukidnon - Davao - Gen. Santos - Saranggani) with family
Iligan Appreciation Tours did not stop either -- simply because It's More FUN in Iligan. :p  Voluntourism with IBS post-Sendong provided the opportunity to visit so many barangays in the hinterlands -- Rogongon, Digkilaan, Mainit, among others.  And yes, I had my first chopper ride! (I could still feel the excitement writing that sentence. :p)

Then I had had food trips and photowalks around the city as well.  I even took photos (and some tariffs) of hotels and other accommodations in Iligan supposedly for the master's degree I'm working on.  Then of course, there's the pre-Valentine's Day visit to a flower farm and golf course in Tipanoy. And then there's the famous destinations of Timoga, Ma. Cristina, and Tinago Falls.

So yes.  That means a ton of B-A-C-K-L-O-G-S.  But having this list to guide me, I promise to find time to work on this. Even if that means less busy-doing-nothing time for me. ;) 

*List Junkie Confession:  I just have to write a list of my backlogs -- for my benefit more than yours. ; )

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  1. i knooooww! it surely took a while ---- a loooooong while! here's to wishing my next update will be published sooner than later. ;)