How to Get to Tinago Falls

Tinago Falls is definitely one of the MUST-SEE sights of the Philippines. Hidden within a ravine, one has to descend approximately 400 steps of stony staircase to see and swim in this incredible piece of paradise.

Here's how to get to Tinago Falls:

From Iligan City Proper to Tinago Falls: Map: HERE

  • Public Utility Jeepney: Buru-un Route(fare: Php20/person) Ask the driver to drop you off at Buru-un Market (talipapa)
  • Habal-Habal/ Motor Ride: Php 30 / person
  • Public Utility Vehicles: Taxi (fare: Php 250-350, from city proper to the highway or to the Tinago Falls Resorts, depending on agreed fare with the driver)

  • Life Jacket Rental (required if you intend to swim): Php 20
  • Cottages/Tables: Php 50
  • Bamboo Raft Ride: Php 10 per person

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