Tourism Triangle: Tinago Falls

When visiting Iligan City, it is a crime to not get a chance to experience the enchanting Tinago Falls. 

"Tinago" literally translates to "Hidden," which aptly describes this piece of paradise in Brgy. Ditucalan, Iligan City.  Hidden within a ravine, one has to descend approximately 500 steps of stony staircase to see and swim in this incredible piece of paradise.  

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The waterfalls with an elevation of approximately 420 feet cascades beautifully into a basin-like pool of icy cold and clean waters of still unknown depth, where you can dive, swim, and ride a bamboo raft to the falls.
tinago falls iligan city | maayongiligan
Photo grabbed from Maayong Iligan
Tinago Falls' fascinating picture-perfect beauty in a relaxing ambiance makes it worth every single sweat and sore muscles you'd probably feel the next day.  No wonder this wonderful beauty got featured in Star Cinema's blockbuster film, Forever and a Day with Sam Milby and KC Concepcion.  :)

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If you want to feel refreshed, revitalized, and reinvigorated just before school starts, try Tinago.  It's fun! 

How to Get There:
From Iligan City Proper to Tinago Falls:  Map: HERE
Public Utility Jeepney: Buru-un Route(fare: Php20/person) Ask the driver to drop you off at Buru-un Market (talipapa)
Habal-Habal/ Motor Ride: Php30/person
Public Utility Vehicles: Taxi (fare: 250-350Php, from city proper to the highway or to the Tinago Falls Resorts, depending on agreed fare with the driver)

Life Jacket Rental (required if you intend to swim): Php20
Cottages/Tables: Php50
Bamboo Raft Ride:  Php10person

And oh, here's a little blast from the past. Find me. :p
tinago falls iligan city | traveljams
(mid-90's @ Tinago)

This loooooong-overdue last part of a series on the Iligan City Tourism Triangle Tour is an official Week 3 : Huling Hirit sa Tag-Init entry for Iligan Blog Carnival in celebration of Iligan Bloggers Month in May 2012.

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  1. of the three waterfalls, Tinago is the hardest to reach but it's special to many because it the most enjoyable... swim-able kasi... :)

  2. Thanks for dropping by Pinoy Adventurista!

    Agree ako dyan! Very special ang Tinago. Kakapagod pero sulit naman. :)

  3. These photos are simply beautiful! I am not at all surprised that this location was featured in a movie--my first thought was that this looks like a scene from Lord of the Rings, or some other film with impressive scenic views. In reference to the translation, how "hidden" is this place? Was it filled with tourists when you went?

  4. Hi Ruth!

    Being part of the tourism triangle of Iligan City, Tinago Falls in known by Iliganons as well as our visitors. However, maybe because you have to go down 500 steps to witness this piece of paradise, it's not normally flocked by tourists.

  5. Of the waterfalls I have visited in and around Iligan City, to me, Tinago Falls was the most impressive. Well worth the time and effort going down and back up the stairs.

    About a year ago the award winning IMCC Kapagintaw Band of Iligan City uploaded an original Music Video descriptive of " Tinago ". Although I can not understand the words being sung, words alone can not fully describe the experience of visiting Tinago falls !

    Iligan City & Tinago Falls

    Simply Amazing !

  6. Great post. I am thinking of visiting Mindanao for the first time and was looking for a guide to bring me to MC and Tinago Falls.

    If I could not find one, then your guide will prove to be useful.


  7. @BobNY: I agree! There's just something enchanting about Tinago! ;)

    @turtlexpress: Just shoot a message when you're bound to Iligan. Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. might be able to help you out. :)

  8. Sarap mamasyals sa Iligan, daming magagandang waterfalls!!

  9. @charles: totoo! recently nga we visited 7 waterfalls in 5 days for WaterfallingAdventure Tour 1.0 hosted by IBS, Inc. (

  10. thanks @tourareas. :) glad you found the info useful. :)

  11. For that reason, you may want to think about tourism marketing and all of the options that you have.paphos holidays