Sunrise and Sunset | Dipolog City

There are two brief moments in the 24 hours of each day that give us a sneak peek of the bigger story of our lives. It's the time of day when we experience calm, peace, and serenity; when we reflect on and be grateful for what had been and be hopeful and ready for what lies ahead.

Here are some captured moments of dusk and dawn in Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte:

Greeting the Morning with a Gorgeous Sunrise
What better way to welcome a brand new day than bask in the glorious sunrise?
dipolog city sunrise | traveljams by lovettejam

dipolog city sunrise | traveljams by lovettejam

These shots were taken in Baybay Galas, Dipolog City. I'm so happy that I was in the company of bloggers with common travel fetish -- capturing the moments of sunrise and sunset. Yes, it requires a little bit of sacrifice by having to wake up earlier than usual, but it is soooo worth it.  It didn't matter that we slept pretty late the night before and that we had to wake up at 4am and travel 20 minutes in a cramped tricycle because sunrise never fails to paint a smile on our faces and leave a spoonful of inspiration and a dose of hope in our hearts. :)

Ending the Day with a Breathtaking Sunset
As a famous quote goes, "The sunrise is God's greeting... Sunset, His signature."  True.  Here are a couple of photos taken at the boulevard.

sunset boulevard dipolog city | traveljams by lovettejam

sunset boulevard dipolog city | traveljams by lovettejam

There's just something about sunsets that makes me want to pause and just stare into the sun in admiration; to look back and be grateful for all the blessings; and to look forward excitedly to whatever lies ahead. ^_^

Whether it is the gorgeous hues of orange and red or the smooth transition from dark to light or light to dark, there's just something enchanting about sunrises and sunsets. Perhaps the beauty of the skies at this glorious hour is somehow like the beauty of our lives -- sometimes gloomy, sometimes clear, sometimes somewhere in between; most of the time unpredictable, but all the time wonderful. After all, A Sunset is the Promise of a New Day -- A Sunrise is a Promise Fulfilled.

More photos HERE.  And here's how to get to Baybay Galas and Boulevard.

This post is part of a series on the entire Dipolog-Dapitan trip.   Check out the rest of the series.

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    1. Beautiful! I really love the sun :)
      and yay super lovely shots!! NatGeo level! <3

    2. @wandershugah: naks naman. thanks! ^__^ pero a looooong way to go pa para NatGeo... haha!