Iligan City Photowalk

One thing I love about Iligan City is its laid-back feel intertwined with the comforts of modern living -- even right within the "city proper." It has a fun mix of modern and old, urban and rural.

Let me take you through the streets of Iligan via some of the photos we took during an impromptu photowalk session we had one afternoon.

Benjamin B. Andrada Building, Iligan City | Travel Jams
Benjamin B. Andrada Building, Badelles St.
Along Badelles Street sits the beautiful old, yet well-maintained Benjamin B. Andrada Building. The second floor is actually a museum. More on that on a separate post. :)

Badelles St., Iligan City | TravelJams
Badelles St., taken outside Benjamin B. Andrada Building
While we're at old structures, here's one of the oldest residential houses in the city.
One of the oldest houses in Iligan City | TravelJams
One of the oldest houses in Iligan City.

One of the oldest houses in Iligan City | TravelJams

Contrast that old with this relatively modern structure just a couple of blocks away.  What's interesting in this photo is the diversity of modes of transportation in the city. There's a PUJ (public utility jeepney), taxi, motorcycle, tricycle, and a few privately owned vehicles.
Crown Paper and Stationers, Gen. Aguinaldo St.  | TravelJams
Crown Paper and Stationers, Gen. Aguinaldo St. 

Speaking of transportation, here's one oldie but goodie tartanilla. It's a horse-drawn carriage taking passengers through a specific route between Pala-o Supermarket and Brgy. Tambacan.
Tartanilla, a horse-drawn carriage in Iligan City | TravelJams
Tartanilla, a horse-drawn carriage, was the former "King of the Road."

Iligan City is located in the northern coast of Mindanao which faces Iligan Bay. There's a hanging bridge connecting the Wet Market to a coastal community in Brgy. Tambacan.  There's an indigenous ethnic group there, the Badjao, who continue to live a seaborne lifestyle.
Iligan Bay, Iligan City | TravelJams
With Lisa Marie and Alex, we visited a coastal community along Iligan Bay.

One of the happiest part of any photowalk is capturing the smiles of kids.
happy kids of iligan city | TravelJams
Happy kids! 

 Just behind the Iligan City Wet Market, you can witness the beautiful sunset and observe as the fishermen get ready for the night's catch.
Iligan City Wet Market | TravelJams
Iligan City Public Wet Market

Some fishermen getting ready for the night's catch | TravelJams
Some fishermen getting ready.
 Oh, and there's a cute botanical garden being developed near the wet market too!
Garden of Poblacion, Iligan City | TravelJams
Garden of Poblacion

What better way to end the photowalk session than at the Night Market. It's a street market which opens on Friday and Saturday nights, generally dedicated to more leisurely strolling, shopping, and eating.

Iligan City Night market | TravelJams

Night Lights, Iligan City Night Market | Traveljams
Night Lights, Iligan City Night Market

So that's a small part of my beloved city. There's more to see, discover, and experience. What's your favorite part so far?


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  1. Bob New York7/15/2013 12:08 PM

    A nice set of pics and captions. One of the things that has always attracted my attention in Iligan is just as you describe, old and new blended together. The individuality of the many stores and shops in the city proper and elsewhere with different sizes, shapes and colors of the signs on the buildings can give any specific area a character all of its own.

  2. Thanks Bob! :)

    Yes, true. There's a certain appeal in the way these differences are tied together. ^_^

  3. Jackie Smith7/15/2013 8:46 PM

    You've introduced me to a whole new place on this big wonderful earth. Nice photos.

  4. Thanks Jackie! Hope to get to see your side of the world sometime soon. Greece is gorgeous! :)