Road Trip: Pasalubong Stopovers | Davao City - Iligan City (PART 2 of 3)

For most of us, we get some souvenir items for our friends and family members back home whenever we travel. Perhaps it's our way of saying our thoughts are with them, even when we were away. Over the years of road-tripping between Iligan City and Davao City, I have had a chance to list some of the common pasalubong* stopovers along the way. In case you missed part 1 of this pasalubong trail, you can read it HERE.


After a rather long drive from Davao City, this high point in Kipolot, Palacapao, Quezon, Bukidnon is the perfect spot for a much-needed stretch. Stop the car at this scenic spot with a breathtaking view. Don't just stand and look and take pictures. Stretch and take in the view and breathe the fresh air!

There are also some stalls that sell souvenir items -- from keychains to wallets to purses to T-shirts.

Pasalubong Ideas:  Bracelets, wallets, key chains, cowboy hats, T-shirts, etc.


The Philippine Carabao Center at Central Mindanao University (PCC at CMU) in Musuan, Maramag, Bukidnon is definitely the home of the freshest carabao milk in the region. Their products are fresh, healthy, and incredibly yummy.

Pasalubong Ideas: Fresh milk, milk bar, other dairy products.  They also have mango and durian float available.  Note: You might need an icebox for storage if you'd be on the road for long.


Somewhere along Bagontaas in Valencia City is this tiny store that sells Bibingka Mandaue, specialty rice cake of Mandaue, Cebu made from ground rice, coconut milk and strips, sugar, and yeast or rarely tuba cooked in a traditional oven. This delicacy is popular among Cebuanos, who love its soft and spongy texture.

SBF Bibingka Mandaue is located along the highway in Bagontaas, Valencia City, a short distance after the Valencia City Bus Terminal if you're coming from Davao City.

Pasalubong Ideas: Bibingka Mandaue


Also in Bagontaas, Valencia City is this perfect stop for a bladder, coffee, or lunch break. Green Pastures is a fast food and bakeshop with clean well-maintained toilets. Food here are delicious and reasonably priced. If you won't have time to visit the Benedictine Monastery of Transfiguration in Malaybalay, you can buy Monk's Blend Premium Coffee here. And if you missed SBF Bibingka Mandaue, you can also buy them here. Green Pastures bakeshop also sells bread that are traditionally baked.

UPDATE (June 2015):

Stopover 8: MANNA & QUAIL CAFE

Green Pastures has reopened as Manna & Quail Cafe. Though still owned and managed by the family who ran Green Pastures, the new cafe boasts an updated and sophisticated look and overall ambiance.

In terms of food quality was maintained and presentation was better, although understandably pricier than the fast food that Green Pasture was. Service is a whole lot better too, with the smiling crew complimenting the overall homey feel of the cafe.

Strategically located along the highway in Valencia, Bukidnon, Manna & Quail Cafe is a perfect stopover for a bladder, coffee, or lunch break. The bakeshop was retained, so you can still purchase some pasalubong items.

Pasalubong Ideas: Monk's Blend Premium Coffee, Bibingka Mandaue, traditionally baked local bread.


*Pasalubong is a homecoming gift or souvenir brought for someone brought by a traveler returning from a trip. The word is a Tagalog term derived from the root word "salubong" which means "(to) welcome" or "to meet." The prefix "pa-" is roughly equivalent to the English suffix "-er". Thus, the word "pasalubong" can be roughly translated as "something meant for you when you welcome me back." [src]

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