Iligan City | What's Inside the Benjamin B. Andrada Building?

There's just something about old buildings -- something special that transports you to a different era, a different time in history, a different way of living.

Benjamin B. Andrada Building | Iligan City | museum
Facade of Benjamin S. Andrada Building 

On a blog entry about a random photowalk around Iligan City, I mentioned that the second floor of Benjamin B. Andrada Building is actually a museum, and I sort of promised to share what's inside this interesting structure.

When we passed by this area, we wanted to see what's inside. Our curiosity led us to a nearby office along Badelles St. and managed to actually schedule another visit to look around.

Benjamin B. Andrada Building | Iligan City | museum

This pre-war ancestral home was built by the couple Capt. Benjamin B. Andrada and Mrs. Concepcion Lluch-Andrada. It has been converted into a private museum, showcasing mementos and collections of the family.

Staircase on the left side of the building

A wooden staircase on the side of the building leads to the area with snippets of the past.

One of the most prominent features of this house turned museum are the decorative stained-glass windows. The intricate patterns are the silent witnesses of the past.

Looking through the items in the museum, one could take a glimpse of the life of the Andrada family.

Clockwise from top-left: (1) Capt. Benjamin B. Andrada; (2) Andrada siblings;
(3) Mrs. Concepcion Lluch-Andrada; (4) With the children and grandchildren
Their personal belongings show that they were stylish, classy, elegant -- true marks of alta sociedad.

They celebrated a lot, too! With cakes! (Oops. Sorry, got too excited with the mention of cakes.) There were jars and jars containing portions of the cake -- each carefully labeled.

It also seems they are devout Catholics, with a collection of religious pieces, crucifixes, and rosaries, among others.

Did I mention there were LOTS of  rosaries, statues, and figurines of Jesus, Mary, and saints on display? 

And what really interested me most is their apparent love for travel. Looking at the travel mementos they kept, I wondered what the stories behind those souvenir items were. I bet they had wonderful experiences, epic adventures, and great stories to tell. 

 And then this! These cars caught our eyes on our way out. I wonder where these babies took them, if they enjoyed road trips, and how far and how often they went. So much travel stories! 

See? There's really something about old buildings. They may be worn out and maybe abandoned, but they're still incredibly beautiful. More than the appearance, perhaps it's the history embedded through time that makes them so irresistibly exciting and charming ... something you can never take from a building that has been around for a while.

IBS, Inc. members inside Benjamin B. Andrada Blg. 


  • More photos HERE.
  • Map HERE.
  • Appointment needed. Visit the office along Badelles St. cor. Ramiro St. They will be the ones to contact the caretaker and arrange a tour. 
Right side of the photo is the gate to the office described above.
For reference, the ivory building on the left is GSIS Bldg.  

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