Road Trip: Pasalubong Stopovers | Davao City - Iligan City (PART 3 of 3)

It took a while to finish off this series. I have no excuses, so I'm about to take this series to a homestretch. Here's the final installment of a 3-part series that took me 4-5 years to complete. Haha!

In case you missed them, please follow the links below:

So here goes...


Along Sayre Highway near the town proper of Impasug-ong in Bukidnon, you'll see these Kaamulan dancers under a giant headdress. With its size and beautiful colors, it's really hard to miss.


Sweet corn! This is one thing I haven't really had the chance to try, but certainly never missed to catch my eyes and interest every time we pass by. On the next road trip, hopefully.

And for the domestic goddesses out there, buy some brooms when driving through Manolo Fortich. 

Pasalubong Ideas: Sweet corn and brooms


Vjandep Bakeshop, which started in the island of Camiguin, has a commissary in Bulua, Cagayan de Oro. It is best known for their pastel (caramelled soft bun), it's almost a crime to not try them when you're in this part of the country. :)

Disclaimer: I lost my photos of Vjandep in  the clutter of my digital storage, so I just grabbed photos from their Facebook page and website. This is what I get for procastinating. Haha!

Pasalubong Ideas: Pastel and other goodies


I know I included Bibingka Mandaue already in this list, but Luga-it has a version of this yummy rice cake. There are stalls right along the highway selling these delicacy Misamis Oriental certainly takes pride on.

Our favorite stall is the one across Shell Lugait, although we rarely see it open lately. :(

Pasalubong Ideas: Bibingka Lugait

That's it! Twelve stopovers when traveling from Davao City to Iligan City. Because road trips should never be boring. :)


is a homecoming gift or souvenir brought for someone brought by a traveler returning from a trip. The word is a Tagalog term derived from the root word "salubong" which means "(to) welcome" or "to meet." The prefix "pa-" is roughly equivalent to the English suffix "-er". Thus, the word "pasalubong" can be roughly translated as "something meant for you when you welcome me back." [src]

Here are some souvenir ideas you can pass by on road trip from Davao City back to Iligan City. I did my best to document pasalubong and pictorial stopovers in between.

Davao-Iligan City map | Travel Jams
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