Iligan City | 7 Restaurants and Cafes with Strong, Reliable WiFi for Freelancers

Have a laptop, will travel?

The age of the mobile worker is undeniably upon us. Bloggers, freelance creatives, IT professionals, work-at-home moms, and even students who are mobile workers have turned their local restaurants and coffee shops into flexible workspaces.

Iligan City restaurants and coffee shops for freelancers

Brews Almighty

Conveniently located along Andres Bonifacio Ave (Tibanga Highway), Brews Almighty is one of mobile crowd-friendly spots in the city. It offers free reliable WiFi (with minimum purchase of Php 120), a number of power sockets for a minimal fee, and a wide variety of coffee and tea options to keep the creative juices flowing.

Must-Try: Suman sa latik + durian coffee

WiFi:  Free with minimum purchase of Php 120
Charging Fee:  Php 5 per hour

Tip: The crowd gets busier after around 5:00PM. Internet might get a little wonky.

Jacko's Kan-Anan

Jacko's Kan-anan recently opened its second function room, which is more mobile worker-friendly. Superb food plus air-conditioned room plus strong, reliable WiFi connection make a freelancer happy.

Photo grabbed from Jacko's Kan-anan's Facebook page

Stuffed garlic bread and coffee or fruit smoothies will be the perfect company while you actually get some work done, but a hearty meal of seafood platter is the perfect reward afterwards. ;)

WiFi:  Free
Charging Fee:  Free (limited outlets)


Fontina Coffee, Restaurant, and Gallery is located along Tibanga Highway. They serve good food, good coffee, and awesome cakes. The place doesn't get too crowded, making it a good place to work at. Fontina's waitstaff  is also well-trained, courteous, and will patiently make sure your stay is pleasant and comfortable.

Photo grabbed from Fontina's Facebook page.
WiFi:  Free
Charging Fee:  Free

Cafe Iliganon

Cafe Iliganon is located near the biggest school in the city, MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology. It is actually the second branch, the first is in Pala-o near The Strip. While you're here, don't forget to order the durian shake. It's definitely one the best!

Must-Try: Iliganon's Durian Shake
WiFi:  Free
Charging Fee:  Free

Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak is also conveniently located along Tibanga Highway, right at the back of Jasmine Spa. Its interior has a homey feel, with a classy and relaxing ambiance, which is perfect for the mobile online worker -- not crowded, not noisy, not too busy.

This coffee shop is also the best place to try out different brewing techniques for coffee. Try out Vietnamese, French press, or German siphoning technique and waiting for your coffee is made more fun and enjoyable.

WiFi:  Free
Charging Fee:  Php 30 per hour

The Homebrew Cafe

 Del Carmen
The Homebrew Cafe is also a good place for freelancers. They have free WiFi connections for all customers, and the homey atmosphere helps your creativity and productivity.

Aruma Coffee Lounge

 De Leon cor Burgos Street

If you usually get work done in a buzzing coffee shop setting, Aruma Coffee Lounge is the place to go. The stark white interiors and the white noise of a coffee shop can help in clearing up your mind and increase your productivity.

Read more about Aruma HERE.

WiFi: Free
Charging Fee: Free (limited outlets)

This is but a short list of go-to places for freelancers for change of environment or better Internet connection. I'm pretty sure there are a lot more mobile freelancer-friendly spots in Iligan City.

How about you? Which local restaurants and coffee shops have you converted into your own flexible workspaces?

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