Snoe Beauty: 3 Travel Essentials To Pack in Your Travel Bag

Travel light. This is perhaps the most obvious, yet elusive travel tip of all. Especially for the ladies, we have kikay kits and toiletry bags to think about. We shouldn't have to sacrifice our hygiene and beauty routine even when carry-on space is tight, so we make it our life mission to find the right products to bring to ensure staying fresh on our next getaway.

A few weeks back, Ms. Jen Gerodias-Diaz of Snoe Beauty sent products all the way to Iligan for us to try. I used these during a recent trip out of town. I must admit, I was initially hesitant, but I am impressed! (No, I was not paid to say that. Yes, this is an honest-to-goodness review.)

Snoe (pronounced snow-ee) is a Filipino beauty and skincare brand launched in 2010 by self-confessed beauty buffs. One thing this clearly tells us: This business is built on passion, and that shows in their products!

Here is a detailed review of the three products I have personally tried:

Stink Positive

Stink Positive! Instant Shower Spray (Rain Shower) @ Php 1,199.00

This instant shower spray works wonders! It's an innovative way to clean and deodorize hair and body when you are on the go. It's perfect for those sticky, icky, yucky days when you're all sweaty and moody because of the heat and humidity. A quick spray cools the skin and eliminates odor. You just need a tiny bit to freshen up.

I also like to use this product for used clothes during travels. A couple of spritz and your baggage is odor-free.

What I Like About It:
  • It smells good. (A little goes a long way.)
  • It does exactly what it claims to do. 
  • I love the vintage-inspired packaging. 
  • I like the spray. It is easy to use and locks securely, so no worries about spills.

What I Wish Will be Improved:
  • I hope it will be available in a smaller bottle (100 mL or less) so we can carry it inside our carry-on bags during air travels. 

Potion No. 2

Potion No. 2 (Rain)

This is a deodorizer toilet drop. You just need to place a drop of Potion #2 in the toilet bowl before you go, and it eliminates odor before they get into the air! Interesting, eh?

I must say Potion No. 2 is a classic example of a product that we don't realize that we need until we give it a try. This handy but powerful dropper certainly helps us avoid embarrassingly smelly bathroom experience, especially if we have to use public toilets. I tell you, it really works!

What I Like About It:
  • The packaging is consistent with the Snoe brand -- very attractive.
  • It does exactly what it claims to do. It really is an amazing product.
  • It is very handy and convenient to bring.
What I Wish Will be Improved:
  • I don't know. I am totally amazed with this product, I can't think of any recommendation for improvement! 

5-in-1 Cleansing Syrup

Body Ritual Recipes 5-in-1 Cleansing Syrup @ Php 349.00

The Body Ritual Recipes 5-in-1 is a hand wash, bath gel, bubble bath, shampoo, and brush cleaner. I got the lemon variant, and it really, really smells fruity and citrusy. It smells clean and yummy. It has a thick consistency and lathers easily.

I don't know if it is just me, but I don't easily trust any product that claims to be x-in-1. Most of the time, it does 1 or 2 things very, very well, and then the rest of the claims will be 'meh.'

I have a preconceived judgment that this product might be good as hand wash, bath gel, and bubble bath. I have doubts that it is gentle enough as a brush cleaner, and I seriously doubted it is a good shampoo. My hair is bleached and colored, so I was genuinely scared to use it as shampoo! For an honest-to-goodness review, I would have to use it without using conditioner or any other hair product afterward. To be honest, I made sure I have a ponytail handy just in case it turns out to be bad hair day.

Anyways, to cut the story short, I was worried as I rinse my hair. It felt quite sticky and I was half-expecting a tangled mess after I shower. BUT, I was wrong. My treated hair was felt soft and tangle-free. And it smells good. And it feels clean. I was pleasantly surprised. The skeptic in me was put in shame. Haha!

Tried it as a makeup brush too, and I am convinced with its 5-in-1 claim.

What I Like About It:
  • It really is 5-in-1!
  • I like the design on the packaging. 
What I Wish Will be Improved:
  • I'm not sure if it is just an isolated case, but the pump can't be locked again. I had to tape the pumps to it won't spill inside my bag. 
  • I hope it is also available in smaller bottles to avoid airline restrictions on carry-on baggage. 

Where to Buy

Store Locations: Click HERE
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Contact Details

Snoe Produits Beaute Inc.
MMG-Snoe Compound Magsaysay Rd. 
Brgy San Antonio, San Pedro Laguna, Philippines
(+632) 556-SNOE (Inquiries)
(+632) 879-4512 (Orders)

Disclosure: Products reviewed were provided by Snoe Beauty free of charge. All opinions and recommendations are my own.

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