#TravelWithMe: From the Philippines to Hong Kong!

"Let's go to Hong Kong!"

It wasn't really on top of our bucket list, but hey, it's Hong Kong - a popular travel destination in the Asian region. So when there was a seat sale, we just booked our flights without overthinking anything.

In March, we purchased Cebu Pacific tickets to Hong Kong (thank you, seat sale!). Admittedly though, it was a little less than a week before our flight earlier this month when we sort of finalized our plans. And by "sort of finalize," I mean booking our return flights, arranging our accommodations, and drafting our itinerary. I travelled with my travel blogger friends (the ladies behind Pinay Travelista and The Purple Slippers) and I'm putting our little secret out there: We crammed in planning this trip maybe in a futile attempt at YOLOing.  Ha!

Anyhoo, armed with tons of enthusiasm and optimism, we were ready to embrace our first international (mis)adventures together, arranging and rearranging our itinerary day by day. :)


So join us in our travel adventure to Hong Kong. Here's a video on how we got to this vibrant city from our humble city in Northern Mindanao.

We had to travel at 3:00 AM to get to Laguindingan International Airport to catch the first flight to Manila. The airport is a little more than an hour away from our home in Iligan City.

But since our flight to Hong Kong is at 6:00 in the evening, we opted to stay in The Wings Transit Lounge in NAIA Terminal for a quick nap and get some work done before officially starting our vacation. After paying the travel tax and checking in, we were ready for our flight to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong International Airport was huge, we had to ride a train to get from arrival area to immigration!

Because we arrived at 9:00 PM, we opted to take the Airport Express. We purchased the single journey pass for group of 3. We also bought Octopus card from the Airport Express Customer Service Centre.

We then took the free shuttle to get to Mini Hotel in Causeway Bay. We alighted at Regal Hong Kong Hotel and walked a couple of blocks to get to Mini Hotel. After a quick hot shower, we settled in and immediately fell in love with the comfortable bed and fluffy pillow. 

Travel Notes:

  • We checked in at The Wings Transit Lounge in Ninoy Aquino International Airport. We chose the lounge seat accommodation at Php 700 for 7 hours of comfort. Rate comes with finger food buffet as well as unlimited hot and cold drinks. There's also a stable WIFI connection, perfect for finishing up any pending tasks.
  • MTR Airport Express single journey pass for group of 3 is at 230 HKD (76.7 HKD per person). We purchased the tickets at the Airport Express Customer Service Centre
  • We also bought Octopus cards from the Airport Express Customer Service Centre. Card is at 50 HKD. We pre-loaded it with 100 HKD. The Octopus card can be used for fares and even purchases from stores.
  • Mini Hotel is at 8 Sun Wui Road, Causeway Bay. It's near Lee Gardens. Hotel review coming up soon! Keep posted. 

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