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During our 5-day trip to Hong Kong recently, Mini Hotel Causeway Bay was our home. Mini Hotel is a chic boutique hotel located right in the shopping district of Causeway Bay. We chose this hotel basically for its affordability, proximity to key city destinations and easy access to public transportation (MTR, tram, mini-bus, taxi).

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Mini Hotel is located in the shopping district of Causeway Bay. It is only a short walk away from popular shopping destinations like Lee Gardens, SOGO, Jardine's Crescent, Hysan Place and Time Square. Tourist destinations near the area include Happy Valley, Victoria Park, Hong Kong City Library, and Hong Kong Stadium. Plus with the MTR Causeway Bay station within a 4-minute walk, it is easy to explore other parts of the vibrant city of Hong Kong.


The lobby is in the basement of the building. Beautiful art pieces and warm smiles from the staff welcome the guests. There's a common area for everyone to stay and chill, read, eat, etc. There are a couple of iMac's in there free for use too. There are also brochures about Hong Kong to help you make the most of your visit.  
TIP: There's a vending machine that sells food, drinks, hygiene care kits, and even adapters.

Computers are free to use.


In contrast to the visually stimulating art-filled lobby and hallways, the room is in an unfussy stark minimalist style. I personally love the simplicity the white walls, white beddings and linens bring. This monochromatic approach and smart use of mirrors create a feeling of wider space of this rather small room. Space is a luxury in Hong Kong, and the rooms in Mini Hotel Causeway Bay are relatively on the larger side by Hong Kong standard.

Oh, and yes, that glass on the right side of the photo is part of the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom walls and sliding door are made of glass. Not even frosted, it is clear glass, guys! Whoah! 

This is how it is when viewed from the bed. Completely see-through. Haha!

The bathroom as viewed from the bed. That's Xy-Za studying the shower area.
TIP: If you're on the conservative side and uncomfortable of being exposed while taking a shower, turn on the hot shower a couple of minutes before you take a bath. It will fog up the bathroom walls. Of course, don't forget to give a heads up to your companion that you will be taking a nice hot shower just to be sure they won't look. :) 

The bed, pillows, and duvet are unbelievably comfortable! It's seriously a battle to get up early to go around Hong Kong. Bonus points for the daily housekeeping services, making sure everything is fresh and clean when you come home from a busy day of adventures.

There is no wardrobe / closet for clothes so you would have to make use of the space under the bed for your luggage. There's also a safe under the bed for your valuables.

There's a wall-mounted LCD TV. There is also an electric heater, hair dryer, and air humidifier.


Basic toiletries are provided (toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, and shampoo). Other personal items such as nail care, socks, and combs are available for purchase via the vending machine at the lobby.


The receptionists in the lobby are courteous, warm and friendly. They are English-speaking, so no problems with communication at all. They are very helpful and are able to respond to our queries and requests. Also, they are able to help in booking for tours around the city.

Housekeeping staff visits every day to clean up, take out the trash, and replenish supplies if needed. The bed is freshly made up daily and the towels are replaced.


Price range: $$$.  We stayed in an air-conditioned Mini twin room on the 12th floor. Nightly rates vary, but is usually around 513 HKD (~66 USD; Php 3,200).

Considering its strategic prime location, the service provided, and the unbelievably comfortable bed, this hotel is quite a deal.

TIP:  Book online. Check their website regularly. They have awesome surprises from time to time. They also offer discounts for rooms booked in advance.

I checked the app on their Facebook page, and rates could go as low as 339 HKD per night with a minimum stay of 3 nights.


There is complimentary WiFi internet access in rooms. Speedtest result averages around 8Mbps.

TIP: Book online, and don't forget to ask about their free pocket wifi so you stay connected even when you're roaming around Hong Kong.

In summary


  • Convenient location; within walking distance to shopping destinations, tourist attractions, and MTR station
  • affordable
  • online booking available
  • with hot and cold shower
  • with air humidifier, hairdryer, and electric kettle.
  • provides basic supplies, including toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, and disposable cups for your coffee/tea fix
  • 24/7 offers bookings for tours around Hong Kong. We bought our Disneyland tickets there. :)


  • Limited space
  • No wardrobe or closet for clothes
  • Glass bathroom walls! (sorry, just had to add that to the cons! haha!)


Overall, I highly recommend staying in the chic Mini Hotel Causeway Bay for your next visit in Hong Kong. The entire staff is awesome. Service is excellent. It is a stylish boutique hotel, yet it is affordable.

Contact Details:

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay
Address:  8 Sun Wui Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 3979 1199

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