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It is no secret that space is a luxury in Hong Kong. Rental rates are so high, it makes you wonder how start-up businesses survive. One thing I found out during our recent trip to the city is that while space is typically expensive, there are buildings like SOLO that focuses on helping out local entrepreneurs. We visited SOLO in Causeway Bay and found quite a number of local businesses housed in a prime location in the shopping district. The units are approximately 3-4 sqm in area, but with smart use of space, this is enough for an office or mini-showroom.

solo causeway bay hong kong | traveljams

At the ground floor (near the lift), there's a spot with brochures from the different shops. It serves as a directory as well of all the businesses in the building. We had a chance to visit a couple of shops.

solo causeway bay hong kong | traveljams
Constance showing us one a bag designed by a creative local.

We met Constance, an expat who is a graphic designer by profession and a business owner by passion. She runs Amazing Creative Boutique, an e-commerce site selling items made by local designers who usually sells at bazaars. The shop, she says, serves as an office and a mini-warehouse, especially when there are no bazaars in the area.

solo causeway bay hong kong | traveljams

While sales can be completed online, some shoppers would want to check the products before purchasing. The shop is where buyers can actually see, feel, (and smell!) the products. 

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There are bags, accessories, bookmarks, and other creative items for sale.

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We also visited Echoes on Earth. It is a lifestyle and fair trade store. The shop promotes fair trade as it supports underprivileged producers, pays fair price to producers, and more importantly, respects people and nature.

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They sell a variety of products -- from organic teas, coffee beans, aroma oils, rice and herbs to hand-made accessories and decors. It is a very lovely shop, I tell you.

solo causeway bay hong kong | traveljams

Other shops at SOLO Radio City

There are many other shops in SOLO. There are make-up and nail art shops, camera stores, gadget stores, and others that sell fashion items.

For my next visit in Hong Kong, I think I'll drop by here:

solo causeway bay hong kong | traveljams

About SOLO

SOLO offers a quick start-up and cost-effective office and shop spaces located at prime locations. They have stylish renovated and facilitated office/workshop with broadband Internet access and professional security system. Entrepreneurs can simply move in, plug in and start growing their business immediately.
More info here: http://www.solohk.com/

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