#SuroySurigao: Interesting Things To Do in the City of Island Adventures

Tagged as the City of Island Adventures, Surigao City truly lives up to its name. We recently spent 3 days and 2 nights in north-easternmost tip of Mindanao island, and it was indeed a fun-filled adventure! Island hopping, cave exploration, mangrove / river cruise, and just sitting admiring the beach -- 3 days is definitely not enough to fully experience the beauty that is Surigao City.

The city has a lot to offer, and we sure had an awesome time.

Here are some interesting places not to be missed when visiting Surigao City:

1. Boating at Day-Asan Water Village

day-asan water village | surigao city | traveljams

After our lunch and quick briefing at the City Hall, off we went to our first adventure. With its narrow channels of water, it is no wonder Day-Asan Water Village is known as "Little Venice."

Activities that can be done aside from the boat tour include paddle boarding, kayaking, fish feeding, and lobster eating. Note: Lobsters are sold at Php 3,200 to Php3,500 per kilo.

2. Looc Pebble Beach 

looc pebble beach  | surigao city | traveljams

Looc Pebble Beach is a must-see when visiting Surigao. It is a lovely beach with smooth pebbles on shoreline. It is a beautiful spot for sunset chasing as well.

3. Mt. Baragabon Beach Resort / Mabua Beach 

mabua stone beach  | surigao city | traveljams

We had a sumptuous dinner at Mt. Baragabon Beach Resort and Hotel. It is a resort at the foot of Mt. Bagarabon, fronting Mabua Stone Beach.  Compared to Looc Pebble Beach, the stones along the shores of Mabua-Ipil Beach are larger. Climbing the carved rock formation at the northern part of the beach gives visitors a sweeping view of the long stretch of the stone beach. It is a great spot for sunset viewing as well.

4. Battle of Surigao Strait (BOSS) Museum 

Battle of Surigao Strait (BOSS) Museum | surigao city | traveljams

Right at the heart of the city, at Luneta Park, is the BOSS Museum. It is a repository of World War II artifacts and memorabilia collected. History enthusiasts would love to drop by and hear the incredible gallantry of our war heroes.

5. Hikdop Island: Buenavista Cave and Eco-Park and Pagkawasan Beach

pagkawasan beach, hikdop island  | surigao city | traveljams

Due to time constraints, our island hopping adventure was limited to Hikdop Island only. About 40 minutes' boat ride from the city, this island is home to the interesting Buenavista cave system and the white sand and pristine blue waters of Pagkawasan Beach.

Other islands for island hopping adventures include Basul Island, Danawan Island, and Bayagnan Island.

6. Almont Beach Resort

almont beach resort  | surigao city | traveljams

We were also treated to a wonderful dinner in Almont Resort, Surigao City’s premier business and leisure destination. With the gorgeous view of Surigao Strait, outdoor pool, and excellent service, I can't wait to be back here soon and stay for a longer period of time. :)

7. Island Cruise in Taga-anan, Surigao del Norte

tinago island cruise, tagaanan | surigao del norte | traveljams

Our final adventure for our #SuroySurigao itinerary is about 30 km outside Surigao City. The municipality of Taga-anan is a charming place with lots of adventures in store for its visitors - from mangrove tour to trekking, sight-seeing, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and many more. We only had enough time to visit Tinago Island, and it definitely left us wanting more.

More details and photos from our adventure soon on this blog. Check back soon. Meanwhile, here is the travel itinerary and some travel notes and tips you may find useful when planning for your upcoming adventure in Surigao City.

Travel Itinerary

Here's the 3D2N travel itinerary prepared by the Surigao City Tourism Office. 

Travel notes and tips:

What to wear
While the general public usually thinks of a city tour as museum visits, souvenir shopping, and park visits, Surigao's moniker is not the City of Island Adventures for nothing. Be prepared to get wet, and wear comfortable shoes or sandals you don't mind getting wet because a day tour in Surigao could include caving, island hopping, or mangrove cruise. With that said, it's a good idea to bring swimming attire and snorkeling gear.

The weather in Surigao is unpredictable. Allow for a little flexibility in your itinerary. In day 2 of our tour, for example, we were supposed to go island hopping at 7:00AM. Because of the heavy rains, we opted to visit Luneta Park and BOSS museum first before heading out to Hikdop and Basul islands. One thing is for sure: In Surigao, you'll never run out of things to do. You'll have fun -- rain or shine. 

Local words to know
  • Marajaw na buntag / hapon / gabii - Good morning / afternoon / evening 
  • Gana karadjaw dire - It's very nice here.
  • Tagpila man? - How much does it cost? 
  • Salamat karadjaw - Thank you very much. Trust me, this will be an overused phrase for you. We have witnessed first hand the hospitality and generosity of Surigaonons. Amazing people!
An Surigao maradjaw gajud karadjaw. Maanindot nga dapit sa mga buotang Surigaonon. Salamat karadjaw, Surigao!

Contact Details:

Surigao City Tourism Office
Phone: (086) 826-8064
Email: tourism.surigaocity@gmail.com 

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