5 Best Places to Hike in Whistler

Since the pandemic, I haven't been out and about as much as I wanted. I'm still daydreaming about travel. I've been thinking about Canada quite a lot, and I've been thinking about hiking. Hiking is the most flawless blend of getting physical activity while also doing something incredible for your mental health.  Hiking boosts our natural serotonin levels, increases our appetite for adventure, and helps our immune systems get more substantial.

If this type of activity sounds like a dream: you're not alone!  These trails are the top five places to enjoy Canada's beauty while getting some physical activity. Sharing this list (and virtual tours) with you as I patiently wait for my vaccine and the world to get a little better.

Train Wreck Trail

If you want to get out of the city but don't want to leave behind the exciting art and culture: Train Wreck Trail is the place to go!  Littered throughout with train cars that have unique graffiti and art and lend an urban feeling to the area's natural beauty.  More art and designs will have been added every time you visit, which means this trail is never the same twice.  You'll want to take countless pictures, ensuring you're enjoying the beauty while you're there.

Ancient Cedars

This trail requires a commute from Whitler's city center, either by bike or bus, but there's no doubt that it's worth it.  Walking within one of the oldest forests on earth is a quick way to feel small in time and space.  The feeling of finding yourself while exploring this trail isn't rare, with many people saying it felt like it was a religious experience to walk this.  Take the time and enjoy the views while you take this beautiful trail.

Lost Lake Loop

Although this trail does require you to shuttle or drive out, and the beginning of it is pure gravel walkways, all of this will be worth it when you see the incredible beauty of the area.  Despite the rocky faces of the trail, the rest of it is smooth sailing as you walk around Lost Lake.  This lake's clear and still waters look like a mirror as they reflect the endless blue sky.  There's something so simple and perfect about this trail; it's a classic favorite.

Cheakamus Trail

This hike is more straightforward and better built for beginners who are still finding their feet and just started looking for real estate for sale in Whistler.  You can graduate from the low incline and easy trekking to a more complicated path, but then you'd miss out on the perfect and straightforward beauty of the Cheakamus Trail.  Locals say this is the best spot for beginners, but even seasoned pros still enjoy taking this trail.

Skywalk Trail

This trail is for experienced hikers only because of how dangerous and uneven the climb is and how much time they devote to the trip. But, luckily for anyone willing and worthy: the views on the way up this climb are breathtaking and beyond worth it.  Enjoy endless views of the falls as you go, and take in the active wildlife as you climb deeper and deeper into the forests.

At the top of this trail, you can look down and see how perfectly blue and large the lake is at its base.  This trail may be the hardest on the list, but most say the pay-off is worth it.

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