JAPAN | Hiroshima Travel Reflections (Hope After Horror)

One of my favorite (yet heartbreaking) travel vlogs to make was the one about Hiroshima.  As this was towards the end of our 2-week Japan adventure, I opted to add in my personal thoughts and reflections about the lessons of Hiroshima. This was a different format from my previous travel videos, as I focused more on sharing how travel changed/affected me. [Note:  Travel video at the end of this blog post.]

Our day trip to Hiroshima, as short as it was, left a tremendous impact on me as a person, community volunteer, and peace advocate.

The evocative exhibits at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum strongly humanized the dark history of Hiroshima. It showed life in Hiroshima before the bombing and highlighted the pain and suffering of the victims.

The museum features a 3D graphic representation of the A-bombing that obliterated nearly everything within 10-square kilometers.

There were photos, documentary films, drawings by survivors, scientific explanations of the explosion, and artifacts such as melted glass and charred clothing hint at the unimaginable horrors that was Hiroshima.

Beyond the Museum

There are numerous other places to visit within the area to help us gain a deeper understanding of the suffering caused by war and appreciate the true value of peace.

Hope After Horror

As horrific as its history was, Hiroshima is also a story of hope.

Hiroshima may have put faces and feelings n the lives of those affected by the bombing and the human costs of war, but the city’s rebirth clearly demonstrates the hope that defines the best of our humanity.

Travel Reflections

As I came home to my beloved Mindanao, I now have a clearer picture of the effects of war. While what happened in my homeland was nowhere near the devastation of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima, the pain of affected families is as intense and long-lasting. 

And as I sat comfortably on the train on our way home, I can only pray for all those lives lost in wars all over the world, and promise to do what I can to make peace possible.  


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