Flowers for Mother's Day {Fresh From Mibala}

For one special day each year, we get a chance to honor the only real humans we know who have superpowers -- our mothers.  On this day, we often show our love and appreciation through gifts.  And of course, one of the first gifts for Mother’s Day that come to mind are flowers -- flowers that are as pretty as our moms and as colorful as their lives. 

Flowers of Mibala, Tipanoy, Iligan City

Anyways, did you ever wonder where most of the fresh flowers sold in Iligan City come from?  Well, one time, curiosity got the better of me and Lai | Pinay Travelista.  It didn't matter that the weather was ridiculously unstable that day.  We left the city proper right after lunch, when the sun was scorching hot, just a few minutes after the threats of rains died down.  It didn't matter either that neither of us has ever been to Mibala.  It was just one of those spontaneous (and unplanned)  trips we find often find ourselves into. 

Armed only with the information that the flower farm we're looking for is in Mibala, Tipanoy, we hailed a habal-habal (motorcycle) driver and hoped against hope that we will be taken there and brought back to the city proper unharmed.  Kuya Dado, the driver, like us, had never been to Mibala before.  Good thing he was as curious as we were, which made the so-called quest three times more exciting.  We just kept asking the people we passed by for directions.

Approximately an hour after coursing our way through a combination of concrete, rough and muddy roads, we found ourselves in Mibala -- amidst rows and rows and rows of beautiful flowers. Kuya Dado, as excited as we were, joined us in taking photos of the flowers and the scenery.

The trip was cut short though with threats of rainfall.  But nonetheless, the trip was so worth it!

Me + Pinay Travelista + Kuya Dado


  • From the city proper, we hired a habal-habal to take us to (and from) Mibala, Tipanoy for Php 160.00.
  • Kuya Dado's number:  0909-890-5168. He's an awesome habal-habal driver! 
  • There are some parts of the trip when getting down the motorcycle and walking for a few meters would be the wiser and safer option.


This is an official Week 2 : Mother's Day Treat entry for Iligan Blog Carnival
in celebration of Iligan Bloggers Month in May 2012.

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